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Academic Publications

Academic Articles (Peer Review)

Kuwornu, J.P., Maldonado, F., Cooper, E.J., Groot, G., Penz, E., Miller, L., Reid, A., Sommer, L., Comfort, P., and Marciniuk, D.D. (Published Online May 2023). Impacts of COPD care pathway on healthcare utilization and costs: a matched multiple control cohort study in Saskatchewan. Value in Health.

Cooper, E.J. (2022). Brave spaces. Indigenous children in Canada plan for a different tomorrow. Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism. doi: 10.1139/apnm-2021-0470

Cooper, E.J., and Driedger, S.M. (2021). The importance of explicit and timely knowledge exchange practices stemming from research with Indigenous families. Qualitative Report, 26(8). 2405-2443.

Kuwornu, J.P., Amoyaw, J., Manyanga, T., Cooper, E., Donkor, E, & Nkrymah, A. (2020). Measuring the Overall Burden of Early Childhood Malnutrition in Ghana: A Comparison of Estimates from Multiple Data. International Journal of Health Policy and Management.

Cooper, E.J., Blanchet, R. (Online June 28, 2019). Creative Strength-Based Approaches to Health Promotion: Perspectives from Graduate Training Experiences. Health Promotion Practice. DOI:

Cooper, E.J., Sanguins, J., Menec, V., Chartrand, F, Carter, S., Driedger, S.M. (n.d. Online July 16, 2019). Culturally responsive supports for Metis seniors and Metis family caregivers. Canadian Journal on Aging. DOI:

Cooper, E.J., Driedger, S.M. (2019). “If you fall down, you get back up”: Urban Indigenous women and girls address historical trauma. The International Indigenous Policy Journal. 10(1). DOI: 10.18584/iipj.2019.10.1.1


Cooper, E.J., Driedger, S.M, Lavoie, J.G. (2019). Building on strengths: Collaborative Intergenerational health research with Urban First Nations and Métis Women and girls. The International Journal of Indigenous Health.  14(1). DOI: 10.32799/ijih.v14i1.31932


Cooper, E.J., Driedger, S.M, Lavoie, J.G. (2018). Employing a Harm-Reduction Approach Between Women and Girls Within Indigenous Familial Relationships. Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry.


Cooper, E.J. (2018). Understanding participant driven intervention research through three vignettes. The Journal of Indigenous Social Development. 7(1) 42-57


Cooper, E.J., Driedger, S.M. (2018, October). Timely, accessible knowledge exchange approaches for Indigenous community-based research. Public Health. 163, 61- 66.


Cooper, E.J., Major, R., Grafton, E.K. (2018). Beyond tokenism: Relational learning and reconciliation within post-secondary classrooms and institutions. Canadian Journal of Native Education. 40(1), 54-63


Driedger, S.M., Cooper, E.J., Annable, G., Bowers, M. (2018, February). “There is always a better way": Managing uncertainty in decision making about new cancer drugs in Canada. International Journal of Health Planning and Management. DOI: 10.1002/hpm.2492


Cooper, E.J. (Accepted, 2017 November) Do no harm: Ethics in practice during community engaged research. The Journal of Community Engagement and Scholarship. 


Driedger, S.M., Cooper, E.J., Moghadas, S.M. (2014, June). “Developing model-based public health policy through knowledge translation: the need for a “Communities of Practice”. Public Health. 128 (6) 561-7.


Driedger, S.M., Cooper, E.J., Jardine, C.G., Furgal, C., Bartlett, J. (2013, August). Communicating the ‘Aboriginal’ Risk Factor: First Nations and Metis Responses to H1N1 Risk Messages. PLOS One.


Driedger S.M., Kothari, A., Graham, ID., Cooper, E.J, Crighton, EJ., Zahab, M., Morrison, J., Swada, M. (2010). If you build it, they still may not come: outcomes and process of implementing a community-based integrated knowledge translation mapping innovation. Implementation Science. 5(47).


Book Chapter (Peer Review)


Cooper, E.J., Driedger. S.M. (2018). Working in Unbounded Communities: A Metis Case Study in H. Exner-Pirot, B. Norbye and L. Butler (Eds.) Northern and Indigenous Health and Health 6 Care. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan: University of Saskatchewan. Chapter 6. ISBN: 978-0-88880-627- 7.

Published Abstracts (Peer Review)

Cooper, E.J., Jardine, C.G., Kniseley, M. Punjabi Newcomer women in British Columbia identify barriers and solutions related to immunization uptake. Canadian Association for Health Services and Policy Research Annual Conference. 

Cooper, E.J. (accepted 20 November 2019). Capacity building as a pathway to health and wellbeing. 3rd Global Public Health Conference: Embracing Community Response to Address Global Public Health Issues. ISBN 978-955-3605-47-4.

Gurav K, Cooper E, Junno J, Stein D, Chintada DR, Doddamane M, Moses S. (2011) Traditional devadasi system under transition: Boon or bane for HIV prevention programme? [Abstract P2-S2.21]

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