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Care Pathways Analytics: Integrating Patient-Centered Outcomes in Economic Evaluations of Care Pathways in Saskatchewan

Within the word, COPD is a chronic disease that kills many people. The rates of COPD in Saskatchewan are higher than other parts of the country. Regina developed what is called a “care pathway” that uses a knowledge mobilization approach to better control and manage COPD. The hope is that this approach will both improving economic costs related to this disease and improve the quality of life for people living, and supporting those living with COPD.

Within this mixed-methods, patient-oriented knowledge mobilization study we are working along side the Saskatchewan Health Authority and partnering with the Lung Assocation. We are using administrative data and qualitative data to to understand what is working and what isn’t working. I am the person responsible for the qualitative component of this study.

This  research study funded by the Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation will wrap up in 2024.

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