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Research and Evaluation

Most people do 'research and evaluation' to some level. We make choices based on what we know and what we understand. We do the best we can to live lives that we can (hopefully) be proud of, and we confront challenges as they come up, often doing 'research' to make sure that we are okay with the choices we are making and actions we are taking. 

Like many things in life, the level of expertise changes depending on your training and experiences. This is when it's important to really reflect on what your needs and expectations are. You may be able to undertake a project yourself, but you might not want to. You may need other skills that you don't have, or aren't as polished. In these instances, you may want someone like me to be involved. For example: even though I can do basic home renovations, things go better if I hire someone who does that all the time with proper training. These people know what permits are needed, where to source the best supplies, and how to streamline the process.

My work is all conducted in what we call "partnership". Think of it like building a house, you have ideas, and your contractor says “in order to be able to have the fridge in this location, we will need to do x, y and z”. You trust your contractor to give you the best advice and to know what they are talking about, and to maybe even have ideas you never thought of.


As a community researcher, part of what I do is try to provide the best advice possible, and coordinate with other researchers, to ensure we can see a project develop and turn into something meaningful.


I have worked on multiple topics at the request of community partners such as:

  • Indigenous health 

  • immigrant health

  • mental health, trauma and violence

  • sexually transmitted diseases and blood borne infections 

  • nutrition and food sovereignty 

  • cancer screening

  • vaccine hesitancy and vaccine messaging 

  • racism in our healthcare system 

  • pregnancy and post-partum experiences 

  • the history of healthcare in Canada 

  • and many other topics…

There are a few key current research projects I am currently working on such as: Indigenous men’s health, COPD research, vaccine messaging, neurodiversity and self-injurious behaviours that I have provided a little more information about on this website.

Feel free to reach out to me if you want to discuss other work, or possibilities for future collaborations.

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